Thursday, May 04, 2006

More new streetwear on-line now!

COMMONWEALTH - new offerings from: Stussy, BBC, 10 Deep, and even Ice Cream. Also new Creative Recreation are now available.

Rockwell Clothing - limited edition t-shirts available from Rockwell.

The ONE 40 FIVE Store - Loads of new gera from the old favouraite Stussy.

Urban Industry Store - Lots of new stuff from Gravis, Hick and Obey.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

New clothing in store now

CALIROOTS - New shoes from ALife NY and Lakai. Clothing from LRG, Stussy, Tenderloin, Crooks & Castles, Zoo York, Recon and Cheap Monday.

Oi Polloi - Loads of new clothing form Oliver Spencer. Nice t-shirts, shirts and cardigans.

Colette - New Adicolor Palette 2 available now. Shoes and tracksuits from names such as: Keith Haring, Fafi, Cey Adams, Surface 2 Air, Taro Okamoto and Peter Saville.

Drooghi - More Adicolor Palette 2 available plus White Riot World cup t-shirts, Triumvir3 gear and Duffs summer deck shoes.

Bond International - Loads of new Obey t-shirts and Vortigern's machine for all you toy lovers.

Thats all for now check back for regular updates on all your favourite stores.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Featured shop - Drooghi

Drooghi was established in November 1997 opening its first shop based in Cardiff. The shop stocks labels such as Silas, A Bearded Man, A:OK, Triumvir3 and Creative Recreation to name but a few.In June 1998 Neil Morris and Jared Horn launched thier own label - Rather Not Say
These guys have been named as two of the 30 Most Important Individuals In The UK Menswear Industry, voted one of the Top 20 stores in the UK (February 2001) - The Independent, Independent Retailers finalists in 2002 - FHM/Menswear and voted one of the top stores in the UK - FHM

They also have an impressive on-line store Drooghi

Monday, April 10, 2006

SS/06 from the stores

Better move fast, Limited edition adidas shoes designed by french artist Claude Closky for colette. More styles on the We Sold Out web site

1 order per person, these will sell fast!

Travis Barker and DC Shoes
For their latest model in the Trainer Remix LE series, DC Shoes asked Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker to contribute a design concept.
The Glade

Loads of new MHI

Maharishi clothing available at Triads. Plus New stock from Obey, Analog, Fornarina, Stussy and Umbro - Kim Jones.

RECON reversibles

'Barb Camo' hoodies in Blue, Black and Grey now avaible from Bond. Also new SS06 clothing from Stussy, Tenderloin and Silas.

Billionaire Boys Club

New full zip-up hoodies from BBC - now available at Commonwealth. Plus more from Ice Cream, Stussy and Crooks & Castles.

Keep checking back for regular up-dates.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Surrender to the label

The design and production of detailed high quality
'street haute couture'

James Lavelle (Mo'Wax)
& Earn Chen (Ambush)

Surrender is made up of a collective of international talents on apparel, music and street culture. The main designers behind the venture include no less than Futura 2000, Ben Drury, Will Bankhead, Kazuki Kuraishi and James Lavelle himself. Maharishi, Neighborhood and aBathingApe are also included as collaborators with this relatively new brand.

The Surrender gallery and retail space opened Jan - 2005 and is situated in the Scotts Road, Singapore

Monday, April 03, 2006

Featured shop - the one 40 five store

If you live in Brighton or fancy a visit then check out this shop.

Started in 1996, the one 40 five store (situated in the centre of Brighton's North Laine district near the train station) offer an amazing range of men's and women's street wear from many of the top clothing labels. Including Perks & Mini (PAM), Commonwealth Stacks, Silas, Mhi, Good Enough, Stussy, Gimme 5, Milkcrates, Answer and Unorthodox Styles. They also sell clothing from some lesser known up and coming labels.

The one 40 five store has a really good on-line shop (check out the links section of this blog) with a wide range of new items added regulary and loads of sale items where you can pick up some nice stuff at a cut down price.

the one 40 five store - 27 Sydney Street, Brighton UK


Saturday, April 01, 2006

Key to Starting Your Own Clothing Company

By Bradley Johnson

Ever thought about becoming a fashion tycoon?

Starting your own private label clothing company is not as difficult as you may think. I assure you that the founding members of Volcom, Paul Frank, Hurley and Von Dutch, are not mad geniuses of fashion. You can duplicate their rise to brand stardom provided that you have the following:

1. A decent logo

2. Creative concepts and graphics - Design Talent

3. A unique, blank apparel supplier

4. A decent screen printer

5. A Line Sheet to show potential buyers

6. Sales and promotional talent.

Which do you think is most important? Its obviously design talent you say? Are you Joking? You must be joking. Have you stepped out of the house recently? Have you seen Von Dutch clothing? Crayon weilding Chimpanzes produce better designs. Furthermore, I imagine the monkeys are more sanitary, but I digress.

#6 is clearly the most important element. You can create an entire line of fashion forward, beautiful clothing but if you can't pitch it - no one will ever see it (excluding your mom of course). So, unless you want a closet full of your fantastic designs, ask yourself the following two questions:

Can I sell?

In other words......can I hit the pavement with my line sheet and walk into every boutique clothing store I can find? Then will I harass the hell out of retail clothing store buyers so that they'll try to squeeze 5 minutes of time in for me at Magic 06' (Clothing Convention) ?

Will I be able to make a professional presentation to a Nordstroms buyer?

Can I promote?

Do I have and creative viral or gureilla marketing ideas to get this label kickstarted?

If the answer to both of these questions is No - you better get some help. Namely, find someone passionate for fashion who also happens to be ridiculously outgoing, great on the phone and aggressive as hell. Lastly, (and superficially) it would help if your sales rep is hot.

I know, how sorry, buy I didn't say anything about this being an equal opportunity blog :)

That being said, let me welcome you the shallow end of the pool..... i.e. the fashion world.

Good luck with your label!

Bradley J

Fashionable Wholesale Clothing

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